The G Frequency is a boutique black-owned Independent Record Label business, based on Johannesburg South Africa, specialising the in the music genres of Hip Hop, Trap, Pop, Rap, Soul and R&B.

Our Mission: “Making Music Right” speaks to the Labels dedication to honouring the process of making music that is true and fair to its Artists, so that the business of music benefits all players in the team.

The Label was founded by a group of Investors and highly connected business-people in the game, with a passion for investing in local music and a dedication to turning young talent into professional stars of international standard.

The G Frequency aims to keep the integrity and the art of making music in tact by employing the best industry standards and ethics. Combining this with a network of the industries experts and finest talents in the field to enable our Artists to compete with the best and become leaders in entertainment.

Our priority is in supporting our Artists to lead the way in a competitive local & global music world.

The G Frequency is a young label making waves in the entertainment world.

What is the meaning behind our name “The G Frequency”?

Frequency means the vibration of sound

The G in our name represents the musical note G, being gansta, making money, vibrating creative sound & being a universal gravitational constant